Our Team

Steve Pendergrass headshot

Steve Pendergrass

IW District Council of the PNW

IW Co-Chair

Jeff llenstine headshot

Jeff llenstine

Tri States Rebar, Inc.

Northwest Contractor Co-Chair


Allan Harding

Iron, Inc.

Dave Harrison

Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Mark Mundy

SME Steel Contractors

Kevin Patterson

Schuff Steel

Dick Devries

Western States Steel Erection Co. LLC

Robert Decker

Garco Construction, Inc.

Kurt Johnson

Harris Rebar

Iron Workers

Joseph Bowers

Iron Workers LU# 29, Portland

Phillip Casciato

Iron Workers LU# 516, Portland

Anthony Ladd

Iron Workers LU# 751, Anchorage

Chris McClain

Iron Workers LU# 86, Seattle

David Llyod

Iron Workers LU#27, Salt Lake City

John Morse

Iron Workers LU# 14, Spokane

Lonzo West

Iron Workers LU# 732, Pocatello