Employer Benefits and Programs

The focus of Northwest IMPACT Benefits and Programs is to provide employers and ironworkers with the tools that they need to collaboratively succeed. In doing so, our national Trust has created a full suite of benefits with lasting IMPACT.


Projects of the Year
U.S. and Canada

The IMPACT Project of the Year Award recognizes contractors in six categories who achieve outstanding safety performance. Contractors and their ironworker employees complete countless, complex projects throughout the United States and Canada each year and truly deserve to be recognized nationally for their amazing efforts and dedication to safety awareness.

Award categories include:

Ironworkers Project of the Year photo
Architectural/Ornamental Winner: Permasteelisa North America – 1144 Fifteenth



Northwest IMPACT works directly with contractors and insurance carriers to provide access to health insurance benefits and help reduce the cost of doing business. IMPACT members are offered free analysis of existing health insurance plans and recommendations on current coverage to help determine if a customized IMPACT plan is better suited to their needs.

Off- the-Job
Accident Program

This valuable program provides disability benefits to individual ironworker members who are injured in an off-the- job accident by supplementing existing benefits, which help to maintain lower workers’ compensation rates. The program supplements the Short-Term Accident benefit of an individual ironworker member’s health and welfare plan.

Drug Free

IMPACT’s commitment to a drug-free construction industry supports safety and efficiency at work sites. IMPACT administers a national program available to members at no additional cost—resulting in an on-going pool of drug-free, highly skilled workers who are healthy and ready to work. This commitment contributes to the strong competitiveness of IMPACT member contractors in the industry.

Maternity Programs

Northwest IMPACT provides paid maternity leave (“Paid Maternity Leave”) to female members who are qualified based on the criteria outlined in our Maternity Provision Policy. It is paid leave associated with the birth of a member’s own child. Paid Maternity Leave is available to members if all of the outlined criteria are met. It may be used during pregnancy and post-delivery. For program specifics download our Maternity Provision Policy brochure.


The IMPACT Safety and Health Department has developed numerous sample safety and health programs for contractors that can be accessed for your use. These sample safety programs are intended as a general guide and template to allow our contractors to customize these programs to better suit their company policies and procedures. Some contractors may have more stringent safety policies and procedures, or perform projects in States that operate under the provisions of “State Approved OSHA Plans”. Many of these safety and health programs also contain sample workplace inspection checklists and training formats for customizing to each contractors’ needs.


Certifications play a significant role in today’s construction industry. As a recognized industry tool, certifications provide an independent evaluation to ensure an individual has the education, experience and knowledge to succeed.

BCSP’s Safety Trained Supervisor Construction® Certification

The STSC® (Safety Trained Supervisor – Construction) is offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) which is a third-party organization that develops and administers a variety of safety certifications. This certification is appropriate for anyone who has the responsibility to supervise working conditions and employees on the jobsite.

AISC Certification Program

The AISC certifications ensure that contractors have the personnel, knowledge, equipment, experience, procedures and capability to produce quality work. Having an AISC certification improves consistency of operations and demonstrates commitment to quality, setting partner contractors apart from the competition.

PCI Certification

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has a certification program for contractors who manufacture or install precast. It is often spec’d into projects by end users, architects or engineers as one of the methods of pre-qualifying bidders. This program was developed in an effort to grow market share for the ironworkers and partner contractors who employ them. The program offers a one-time payment for IMPACT contractors who obtain their certification or apply for a recertification.

Welding Certification Program

The program provides certificates and photo identification cards specifying each welding process in which an ironworker is certified allowing verification of skills by employers.

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IMPACT Construction College

Northwest IMPACT works to produce training programs and materials designed to meet key industry needs and upgrade skills for both ironworkers and contractors. Business skills covered include: business fundamentals, administration, project management, field supervision, leadership, communications, and technology.

Business Incubator Leadership (BILD) Program

From startups, to established businesses, to firms undergoing generational transition, the BILD program connects contractors to construction industry experts in legal, accounting, bonding, insurance, lending, marketing and sales. The strategies and tactics covered in the BILD program clearly evaluate individual business needs to help ironworker employers manage risk, reduce cost, and increase profitability.

Growing a Business Webcast Series

The monthly IMPACT Webcast Series on Growing a Business hosted by IMPACT’s national faculty and provides our contractors with information, tools, and resources that they can use to grow and improve their business.

Contractor Courses

Northwest IMPACT offers hands-on Contractor Courses at events throughout the year.

Green Construction

Green Construction training provides a comprehensive guide to ironworkers’ role in the “green” construction workforce.

Safety Webinars and Web Training

Find recorded versions of IMPACT’s latest Safety Webinars, as well as other online training.

Shop Supervisor Training

Shop Supervisor Training is designed to improve the operation and efficiency of our shops through leadership development.

Superintendent Training

Superintendent Training is designed to develop construction site leaders for our contractors.

Northwest IMPACT apprenticeship program benefits are provided in collaboration with the Ironworkers Apprentice and Training Department. Our mission is to ensure that young ironworkers have the skills, knowledge and training necessary to be safe on the jobsite, competitive in the workplace and successful in their careers. At the same time, our apprentice training efforts are focused on meeting the needs of our partner contractors, delivering a sustainable source of organized skilled professionals.

Project Tracking

IMPACT’s tracking systems provide the most current construction project information to help contractor members identify timely bidding opportunities.

One of the key benefits available to contractor members is access to two online project tracking systems, Dodge Pipeline (Formerly Dodge Reports) and Industrial Information Resources Planning, Engineering, and Construction (PEC) Reports. These systems provide the most current information to help identify and bid thousands of upcoming commercial, residential, industrial and maintenance projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Northwest IMPACT provides access to Dodge Pipeline and IIR’s PEC Reports free to contributing member local unions. NORTHWEST IMPACT member contractors are eligible to receive free access to Dodge Pipeline and access to IIR’s PEC Reports at a discounted rate.


The Davis-Bacon Act sets wage rates on federally funded projects, which helps provide a “level playing field” for union contractors bidding those projects.

Northwest IMPACT provides Davis-Bacon training to contractor members covering compliance, application, and wage decisions to ensure that all regional rates properly reflect current collective bargaining agreements

Advertising and Marketing

Northwest IMPACT marketing efforts build visibility and awareness of the highly skilled quality of work provided by the ironworking industry. We partner with major industry leaders to promote Iron Workers to the owner community, other construction industry stakeholders and the general public.

Our marketing efforts are not just internal. The IMPACT team is ready to assist any of our contractor members with marketing and promoting themselves as well. Available services include:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Website Development


Northwest IMPACT funds a wide variety of programs nationwide to support local programs in marketing and recruitment, state-of-the-art training, and safety measures to help enhance market share. Grants are the vehicle by which Northwest IMPACT contractor member contributions are put to good use. They fund a wide variety of local programs including marketing and recruitment, training and safety, and tools to increase market share.

The Northwest IMPACT Regional Advisory Boards (RAB) is funded through national block grants at the beginning of each year. Requests for all grant monies are submitted to the Northwest IMPACT RAB Executive Committee.


A partnership between 10K Architectural, Inland Steel Erectors, Industry Erectors, and union ironworkers—the 707 Terry Ave. project in Seattle, Washington is a prime example of what we can accomplish when we work together. Featuring the fabrication and installation of two separate spiral staircases for each of the project's two apartment buildings, 707 Terry Ave. required integrated planning, collaboration, and precision. The end result is a remarkable showcase of the wide range of ironworking services provided by our contractors, as well as the skilled tradesman and tradeswomen who perform the work.

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