Iron Workers and IMPACT Join Building Materials Safety Coalition (BMSC)

The Iron Workers District Council of the Pacific Northwest, the Ironworkers Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT), and Northwest IMPACT are proud to announce their joint membership to the Building Materials Safety Coalition (BMSC).

The BMSC is a partnership of construction industry leaders, building trade organizations, labor unions, non-profit associations and research institutes. The BMSC was formed to promote and prioritize safety, resiliency, sustainability and efficiency in commercial, industrial and residential construction.

The Building Materials Safety Coalition promotes responsible, safe construction projects.

The BMSC supports the established building materials of steel, concrete, and masonry through legislative efforts, public relations, marketing, and industry research. As new and unproven mass timber materials, such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), are entering the marketplace, there exists compelling evidence that challenges CLT’s touted benefits, raising important questions about the efficacy of this building material in both public and private projects.

In comparison, contractors, engineers, architects, and project teams all over the world have delivered countless successful projects using steel, concrete and masonry. These materials remain readily available, with installation that is familiar to construction crews, and can seamlessly integrate into operations, increasing efficiency and safety.

When it comes to building a sustainable future for our communities, the proven materials of steel, concrete, and masonry can deliver emissions reductions along with structures that are safe, resilient, and will endure for generations.

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